Issue 21

Open access monographs having a doi persistent identifier


Better Metadata Could Help Save The World! A blog post by Alice Meadows in The Scholarly Kitchen on the Metadata 2020 project and the importance of high quality metadata in data sharing. Metadata 2020 are also running a survey to understand the usage of metadata in scholarly communications.

Digital Science has published a report on the state of open monographs. The volume of open access monographs remains very small in comparison to the overall market. There are around 20,000 open access monographs books in total, compared to an annual output of around 83,000 monographs. The output of open access monographs (see figure below) has not been increasing, and the report highlights some of the structural problems around that.


Transpose, a database of journal policies on preprinting & peer review has launched. The database allows for a systematic comparison of journal policies, and has around 2,900 records.

The Big Ten Academic Alliance in the US has released a statement in support of open access and a sustainable and open ecosystem of publication. 

cOAlition S has announced a list of ambassadors to promote the cause and act as advisers to Plan S.


Open Source Brain is a resource of computational models of neural systems. The initiative has been described in a paper published in Neuron.


AIMOS 2019, the interdisciplinary Meta-research & Open Science conference is taking place 7 – 8 November 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. There are 55-60 travel grants available.

The deadline for submissions to the CODATA 2019 meeting in Beijing is on 24 June 2019.


The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is looking for members of its Technical Advisory Board.

arXiv is recruiting an Executive Director.

Open access monographs having a doi persistent identifier

Annual output of open access monographs having a doi persistent identifier. Data: Dimensions.
Credit (CC-BY): Grimme, Sara; Taylor, Mike; Elliott, Michael A.; Holland, Cathy; Potter, Peter; Watkinson, Charles (2019): The State of Open Monographs. figshare. Thesis. doi: