Issue 30

Peer review times


The AAAS has partnered with Bio-protocol to invite authors of Science journals to publish detailed protocols with Bio-protocol.

Scholarly Communication in Sociology. A primer by Philip N. Cohen on open scholarly communication for sociology and the typical publication process in this area. Data on publication times for journals in the field are depicted below.

Above all else, share the data! A post by Alexandra Philiastides on Springer Nature’s experience on the question of sharing raw versus processed data, depending on the value for future re-use.

Open Science in Software Engineering. A preprint in arXiv that outlines many of the open science principles relevant to software engineering (code/data sharing, preregistration, preprints and so on).

The registered reports revolution — Lessons in cultural reform. An overview article by Chris Chambers in Significance.


The Coko Foundation have announced the Open Publishing Awards. Nominations begin August 19, and the awards will be awarded during FORCE 2019. More information will be posted on the awards page on August 19.


A drug regimen promises a cure for XDR-TB (extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis), a particularly deadly variant of the disease. As the New York Times reports in the linked news feature, this is based on a new combination of drugs. In his commentary for Forbes, TB researcher Madhukar Pai provides further context around this advance and the challenges of a broader roll-out of the treatment. (Disclaimer: Pai is an Academic Editor for PLOS ONE and an editor of the PLOS Tuberculosis Channel)

Ebola has now two effective antibodies-based cures that reduce mortality rates to around 10%, down from otherwise ~70%. One of these new drugs “is derived from a single antibody recovered from the blood of a person who survived Ebola in the DRC in 1995.”


Open Statistics & Open Your Eyes. A two-day symposium around open science at the University of Bologna, Italy. 30 September – 1 October, 2019.

Peer review times

Peer review and production times for journals of the American Sociological Association. The average time to publication for these journals is 8.9 months, but not counting author turnaround times.
Credit (CC-BY): Cohen, P. N. (2019). Scholarly Communication in Sociology. Open Sociology.