Issue 45

Open Science Newsletter


Experimenting with Open Research Experiments. Alexander Refsum Jenseniu’s blog post summarizing his keynote talk at the Munin Conference. He explains why open research is a more inclusive term than open science, also in the context of his research on music.

The Hidden Preprints project aims to surface preprints with a low reader engagement (abstract views) to provide them with more visibility.


Invoice data from Elsevier hybrid open access journals. Elsevier has been open about invoice data for open access articles with funders, and this analysis by Najko Jahn from the State and University Library Göttingen, Germany, summarizes the prevalence of open access options in Elsevier’s hybrid journals, the different invoice types issued, as well as author and funder information.

The journal Transinformação has a special issue on Altmetrics and Open Science in Latin America.

The European Science Foundation, in partnership with cOAlition S, will host and operate a cOAlition S office. The role of a program manager for that office in Strasbourg, France, is advertised.


The measles outbreak in Samoa has now reached 3,728 cases, leading to 53 measles-related deaths. Vaccination rates had been as low as two-thirds of the population, although a mandatory vaccination program has been ramped up.

A huge stellar-mass black hole has been discovered. It has about 68 times the mass of the Sun, and is about 15,000 light years away in our galaxy. Stellar black holes are formed by the collapse of a star at the end of its life time, and were not considered to be larger than about 30 times the mass of the Sun. These black holes are different to the huge black holes at the center of galaxies that can reach the mass of a million Suns or more. (Published in Nature, preprint on arXiv)


The CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science is taking place in Pretoria, South Africa, from 13 – 24 January, 2020.

The 15th International Digital Curation Conference is planned for 17 – 20 February, 2020, in Croke Park, Dublin.


Can US states copyright annotated versions of their laws? The Supreme Court hearings of this widely discussed case concerning Georgia will start today.